A few more pics.
6 months ago, Mike Hamernick
optical illusion 1
optical illusion 2
optical illusion 3
red light green light
The afternoon was filled with leadership, problem solving and team building activities.
6 months ago, Mike Hamernick
blind walk 1
blind walk 2
blind walk 3
blind walk 4
It was an active day for students at NLCS today. We started with the 9th graders earning some community service hours at Second Harvest North Central Food Bank.
6 months ago, Mike Hamernick
2nd harvest
We are making plans to offer a Drivers' Education class in school soon. If your student would like to participate, please reach out to their advisor and let them know so we can get a good idea of how many are interested. The fee would be $100 for the class.
7 months ago, Mike Hamernick
drivers ed
Another beautiful cake was completed by Leila Jerry. Strawberry banana with strawberry buttercream, taffy and fresh strawberries. Delicious!
7 months ago, Mike Hamernick
strawberry cake
cake piece
cake inside
The cakes and their makers: Dusty and Talon with a Minecraft Cake, Darreona and Jordin with a peanut butter/apple cheese cake, and Kyler and DeShawn with a triple-layer red velvet cake. Good job, bakers!
7 months ago, Mike Hamernick
Dusty and Talon
Darreona and Jordin
Kyler and DeShawn
Looks like the Chopped Challenge class completed some tasty cakes today! If anyone wants to know why I can't lose weight this is why! So good!
7 months ago, Mike Hamernick
Minecraft Cake
Peanut Butter Cheese Cake
Red Velvet
Free Thanksgiving dinners available. Call 218-999-9233 or email ecircle@eldercircle.org to order. Must order by Tues. Nov. 22nd.
7 months ago, Mike Hamernick
Thanksgiving Poster
Congratulations to Addison Marrier on completion of MAAP STARS Officer training. Addison was awarded her training certificate by Dr. Wayne Jennings. She is pictured here with the other STARS Officers. The new officers traveled to Roseville on Friday to meet with guest speakers Wayne Jennings, Andrew Hasek, and MAAP President Brad Jensen to discuss education opportunities, current education legislation, and how to connect with local representatives.
7 months ago, Mike Hamernick
Addie M
Addie and Wayne
Group with Certs
Thank you to all the participants in the Veterans Day program last Friday. We had a very nice program and the audience was very respectful.
7 months ago, Mike Hamernick
NLCS would like to thank all service members for their courage and dedication to our country. And thank you to their families for their support and sacrifice. We will be hosting a Veterans Day program in our gym today at 1 pm. Open to the public. Please join us.
7 months ago, Mike Hamernick
Veterans Day
It is that time of year for a head lice reminder: Please tell kids not to share hats, shirts, jackets, etc.; and NO BLANKETS! If you find that your child has lice, check here for treatment advice: https://www.cdc.gov/parasites/lice/head/treatment.html
7 months ago, Mike Hamernick
lice check
Oregon Trail Seminar - students studied the history about the trail and the trials during the journey. They tested their wits and decision making by playing the board game. And made diaromas representing the carriages, animals and supplies needed for the long journey.
7 months ago, Henry Chung
Oregon Trail
Land of plenty
2000 mile journey
student carriages
Remember to vote today. Polls are open until 8:00 pm. If you are in line by 8 pm, they must allow you to vote. Also, employers are required to allow you to go vote without loss of pay if you haven't voted today and you're at work right now. Click here if you are not sure where to go: https://pollfinder.sos.state.mn.us
7 months ago, Mike Hamernick
vote button
Minor change to Lunch for Wednesday November 2nd. Calzone instead of chicken tacos! So Calzones for Wednesday Lunch!
7 months ago, Henry Chung
And the costume winners are... Most Creative - DeShawn as Pyramid Head, Best Costume - Patch as Mad Hatter, Scariest Costume(s) - Serenity and Kaden as the Walking Dead. Congratulations to everyone who participated today!
7 months ago, Mike Hamernick
Pyramid Head
Willy Wonka
Walking Dead
Last bunch until the costume contest results!
7 months ago, Mike Hamernick
DJ Dragon
7 months ago, Mike Hamernick
Willy Wonka
Steam Punk
Peter Griffin
Bum and Burger
More costume action. So creative!
7 months ago, Mike Hamernick
Silent Hill
NLCS students love Halloween! We have everything from dragons, ghosts, and wizards to the Mandalorian, Harry Potter, and Willy Wonka in the building today!
7 months ago, Mike Hamernick