Our parent survey is out again. We would like to hear from the parents perspectives! Thanks! Worn out and tired puppy for attention. Survey link https://forms.gle/XyQkVZBmLX9xssM27
2 days ago, Henry Chung
Tuckered out pupper
Looks like Lori ran into a couple former NLCS students in the Law Enforcement program as well!
2 days ago, Mike Hamernick
Some pics from the Friday trip to Tech Career Day at MN North College. Culinary Arts is always a favorite.
2 days ago, Mike Hamernick
Culinary Arts 1
Culinary Arts 2
Giving back to the community, students in Donna’s Advisory moved dirt for the Warba Mayor, Ellen Coffel.
2 days ago, Donna Hanson-Kaasa
Community Service
Community Service
Community Service
Teaka (our school therapy dog) and Lori (staff) just finished a 3 day AKC agility trial in Proctor. It was well attended by a bunch of great competitors. Teaka, our 8.9 year old golden, had a stellar weekend. She had a perfect 3 days with 11/11 Qs (qualifying runs) while finishing her Time to Beat title and acquiring 3 double Qs. She had several first and second placements as well. It's not always being the fastest team out there isn't but sometimes steady with accuracy wins the race.
2 days ago, Henry Chung
Teaka & her awards
More RenFest photos
4 days ago, Henry Chung
Group selfie
At the Castle Gate
Scaling the tower
Here we go! RenFest 2022!
5 days ago, Mike Hamernick
We have students at the MN Renaissance Festival and the MN North College Tech Career Day today. More pictures coming soon!
5 days ago, Mike Hamernick
Some pictures from yesterday's special activities. Students got some hands-on experience with vehicle maintenance, wilderness survival skills, and first-aid.
6 days ago, Mike Hamernick
Checking Oil
Flat Tire Fix
Shelter Building
One more picture...
6 days ago, Mike Hamernick
SC Reps 2
Say hello to the NLCS Student Council for 2022-23. The students have voted for these students to represent them. Congratulations!
6 days ago, Mike Hamernick
SC President
SC Vice President
SC Secretary
SC Representatives 1
DeShawn Nason completed a project on Dorothy Molter “the Rootbeer Lady” which led to homemade root-beer and root-beer floats for the class.
8 days ago, Donna Hanson-Kaasa
Homemade Rootbeer
Homemade Rootbeer
DeShawn Nason makes Homemade Rootbeer
Clear skies are perfect for bird watching at Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory in Duluth.
9 days ago, Mike Hamernick
Hawk Ridge 1
Hawk Ridge 2
Hawk Ridge 3
Reminder: There is a meeting tomorrow (Wed.) evening (6 pm) for the parents/guardians of students interested in the summer Chicago field trip.
15 days ago, Mike Hamernick
NLCS students had their first EE Day of the year this afternoon. Lots of Environmental Education activities outside. EE Days are designed to increase awareness, knowledge, attitude, skills, and action in regards to the environment.
21 days ago, Mike Hamernick
Bring the kids to our fall, Halloween Carnival. There will be classic games to play - ring toss, duck pond, etc. - for prizes. Tickets will be .50 each. Money raised will support our MAAP STARS activities.
23 days ago, Mike Hamernick
Halloween Carnival
A few more pics of the teambuilding activities.
28 days ago, Mike Hamernick
field 1
NLCS students spent the afternoon engaged in teambuilding activities. Looked like a lot of fun. This is how we get kids engaged and bring out those leadership skills!
28 days ago, Mike Hamernick
toxic transfer
Donna advisory
cross the river
helium stick
Team building finale - leaky pvc race
28 days ago, Henry Chung
Other attempt
Attempt #1
Leaky PVC team race
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28 days ago, Northern Lights Community School
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