I just learned today that if I post to Instagram it crops the pictures into squares instead of showing the full thing. This is the wide-screen version of the Friday staff picture. We didn't have the full crew available so we'll try again at a future date.
29 days ago, Mike Hamernick
staff pic
The first week of school is done! It has been great to see our kids again. Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend. Thank you for choosing Northern Lights Community School!
about 1 month ago, Mike Hamernick
Reminder - we are now partnering with Ross Resources to improve attendance. Starting on Tuesday, the parents/guardians of students who are marked absent will start receiving automated attendance calls. Please make sure you call 218-492-4400 to let us know about absences ahead of time to avoid the calls. Thank you.
about 1 month ago, Mike Hamernick
Picture quality was pretty bad. Let's try this...
about 1 month ago, Mike Hamernick
j and t
The NLCS students have spoken and they want us on Instagram! Say hello to our newest staff member, Jazz! (and her aunt, Teaka). Stay tuned for more!
about 1 month ago, Mike Hamernick
Just a test post (an old logo created by students & staff)
about 1 month ago, Henry Chung
Test post of an old logo designed by a student and staff
The staff are back today and busy getting ready for students to come next Monday!
about 1 month ago, Mike Hamernick
We're at the Itasca County Fair! Stop by the booth and visit with staff. In the yellow building in front of the racetrack. Booth #41.
about 2 months ago, Mike Hamernick
Fair Booth
We're thrilled to announce the new app for Northern Lights Community School! It's everything Northern Lights Community School, in your pocket. Download for Android https://bit.ly/39vPFd8 Download for iPhone https://apple.co/3QK4nOq
about 2 months ago, Mike Hamernick
New app notification
Float is prepped and we're ready to throw some candy! See you in the parade!
about 2 months ago, Mike Hamernick
Rain or shine, we're ready for the parade! Let the Candy throwing commence!
NLCS float ready to ride! Little bit if rain won't stop us. The people need their candy!
about 2 months ago, Mike Hamernick
NLCS will have a float in the Tall Timber Days parade tomorrow. If you'd like to ride or walk with us and give out candy, please join us at the fairgrounds at noon. Parade starts at 1 pm.
about 2 months ago, Mike Hamernick
NLCS is looking for a licensed Social Studies and/or Science teacher for the 2022-23 school year. We also need a licensed Social Worker and 1 to 1 Paraprofessionals. Come join our team! Or help us spread the word! Details can be found under the Employment tab.
2 months ago, Mike Hamernick
Help Wanted
Students and staff spent part of our Environmental Educational day cleaning up various areas around Itasca. Thanks to everyone for all of your hard work with our students picking up all of that trash and cleaning the cemetery!!! We got 450 lbs of trash picked up and the cemetery looks great!!!! You are all awesome!!!!
4 months ago, Northern Lights Community School
Students sitting on a swing smiling
Students cleaning in a creek
Students filling a bag
Students carrying a mattress
Parents of NLCS students. Please take a few moments to fill out this survey. We'd like to hear your thoughts. Thanks! (We updated the link) https://bit.ly/38M3W4Z
4 months ago, Northern Lights Community School