Lots of cool art projects being completed! We have recycled art, paper mache, and nature art.
6 months ago, Mike Hamernick
lantern 1
lantern 2
lantern 3
Time to get caught up on some more pictures! Donna's PE biking class had a bear encounter on Monday! Only in northern MN, right?
6 months ago, Mike Hamernick
bear 2
bear 1
Time to get caught up on posting! We've been back to school for 9 days now and there's been a lot going on at NLCS! Students spent last Wed. engaged in fun, team-building activities.
6 months ago, Mike Hamernick
Northern Lights Friends and Families, this is a reminder that our Open House is tomorrow evening (Thursday) from 4 pm to 7 pm. We look forward to seeing you again. School starts next Monday!
6 months ago, Mike Hamernick
open house
We're staged and ready at the parade grounds. Hope to see some familiar faces in the crowd today. Wear your sunscreen and bring some water. It's a bit warm and sunny today.
7 months ago, Mike Hamernick
Parade float
Join us this Sunday - Aug. 6th - at the Itasca County Fair Grounds for the Tall Timber Days Parade. Students can walk with our float and hand out candy. Be there between 11 and noon to help get ready.
7 months ago, Mike Hamernick
tall timber days
A very happy retirement to Lori, Vern, and Jill! We're going to miss you. Enjoy yourselves!
9 months ago, Mike Hamernick
Thank you to John and Conri for serenading us today with your music. Our students and staff are talented!
9 months ago, Mike Hamernick
Huge congratulations to the Northern Lights Community School graduating class of 2023! It was a great ceremony last night. Thanks to all who came and thanks to all who put up with the heat and humidity! Lots of scholarships were handed out - over $40,000 in total!
9 months ago, Mike Hamernick
Star Spangled Banner
middle school
Graduation is tomorrow (Thursday) evening in the gym. We will serve some burgers and hotdogs at 5:00 and start the ceremony at 6:30 pm. Please join us. (The practice for the seniors will be held at 1:00 pm.)
9 months ago, Mike Hamernick
grad hats
Nice afternoon at the Legion Beach today. Kids were swimming, fishing, and having a lot of fun. And almost no bugs!
9 months ago, Mike Hamernick
dock 2
Tomorrow is Lake Day! We'll be at the lake all day. Please bring water bottles, sunscreen, and bug spray!
9 months ago, Mike Hamernick
lake day
Today was the day we had to say goodby to our baby trout. As you can see in the pics, they've been released to the wild, but the predators moved in fast looking for a snack. Good thing we had some pro fishermen with us to protect our little friends.
9 months ago, Mike Hamernick
baby trout
big fish
fisherman 2
Stuffed waffles will be available for sale again this Friday - 5/26. They are pre-order only. Contact us today to place your order!
9 months ago, Mike Hamernick
There are far too many field day winners to announce in this limited format so I will just post the 1st place winners in each category. One-Mile Run - Addison M & Kyler E; Shot Put - Beretta S & DeShawn N; Discus - Beretta S & Kyler E; Soccer Punt - Andy S & Bryce S; Football Throw - Andy S & Landon K; Tug-O-War - Miss B's Advisory; ....and the advisory with the most overall points - Donna's!
9 months ago, Mike Hamernick
field day
throw 2
kick 2
shot put
Excited Middle schoolers ready for 4 days of camp! Trumpeter swans next to us and even a cow came to camp!
9 months ago, Henry Chung
Even the driver is excited
The crew
Trumpeter swans
Even a cow
Donna took her advisory to Ely today so the Track & Field results will have to wait until Monday. Instead, I give you this fine group of students enjoying the Ely wilderness.
10 months ago, Mike Hamernick
Today was Track & Field Day. Students started with a 1 mile run/walk, then punt/pass/kick, and we ended with some tug-o-war. The winners will be posted tomorrow with some more pics.
10 months ago, Mike Hamernick
mile run
run 2
pass 1
kick 1
pass 2
kick 2
While students were cleaning up alongside the highway other students were out cleaning up the area around Lucky Seven truck stop. And then unbeknownst to them rewarded with some pizza and pop! Thank you Lucky Seven!
10 months ago, Henry Chung
Hauling garbage
Staff supervision
Just chilling...
We're doing waffles again next week! And we love pre-orders! 3 different ways to pre-order shown on our ad. Here's the link for the online order: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfkxloanRkvvJ1IkwISCQOQxI9Vfq-slXFvuuoKJDlCo9gUhg/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1&flr=0
10 months ago, Henry Chung
Waffle ad